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Nourishing Eye Cream

Nourishing Eye Cream

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Formulated with All-trans-Retinol and 90% green tea polyphenols,
this ultra-moisturizing cream targets fine lines, dark circles and
puffiness to achieve smoother, firmer skin around the delicate
eye area.


• All-trans-Retinol at the appropriate level for the delicate eye
area helps increase firmness and elasticity
• Niacinamide smooths skin and helps brighten discoloration • Fractionated Hyaluronic Acid deeply hydrates and seals
moisture in, plumping visible lines and wrinkles
• Ceramide & Peptide Complex nourishes and tightens skin,
reducing the appearance of bags and dark circles
• Caffeine USP, Arnica & Vitamin K help to reduce the
appearance of dark circles and puffiness

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